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Official page for Optimum Realism, a realistic performant resource pack created by Atmosphere Of Tech.

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Optimum Realism

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Optimum Realism

Atmosphere Of Tech
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Optimum Realism is a realistic resource pack that tries to replace Minecraft blocks with their real-life counterparts themselves with a perfect balance between performance and quality, not only does it try to widen the spectrum of imagination between a game and real-life scenarios but also, elaborate on most objects that signify their importance better than we would notice rather than just "adding them" as they would be in real life.

There are 4 main versions of the pack:

  1. 128x
  2. 256x
  3.  512x
  4.  1024x

Download the demo version of Optimum Realism here.

Click here to download the demo version of Optimum Realism

How do I make them?

I use a combination of software to make my textures and enlighten the experience they provide to the fullest and to please the widest range of people. All of this is extremely time consuming and takes a lot of patience to make and completely proliferate the experience.


1. Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.5 or higher.
2. Optifine
3. Any shaders like Kappa or SEUS.

How to Install?

1. Download the resource pack in the available resolutions, (after buying the membership, check the posts)
2. Copy the resource pack, then press Win+ R on your Windows and type in%appdata%then go to .minecraft/resource pack and paste the resource pack there.
3. Go to Minecraft, and then in settings click on resource-packs, then click on my resource pack and press done.
4. Then go to video settings and click on shaders, now choose the shaders which you downloaded. (preferably Kappa 4.1 or SEUS PTGI HRR 2.1 depending upon the version you downloaded)
I might make a more detailed guide in the future.

Optimum Realism's discord server
I also have a youtube channel too!


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128X, 512x and 1024x
Med/High End PC
Minecraft Java Edition
Minecraft Bedrock RTX
Minecraft Bedrock(Phone) with POM PBR
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